The Best Pool Decking for Above Ground Pools

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Installing an above-ground pool in your backyard makes you a step closer to the ultimate summer dream!

You can now host parties with friends and family members, your kids can play around, and you can enjoy a nice dip by yourself at any time of the day.

But wait, we need to dress up your swimming pool. We’ve listed 15 above-ground pool deck ideas to make your backyard Instagram-worthy and functional at the same time.

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Why Install Above-Ground Pool Decks?

You may be thinking that building a pool deck is an additional expense. Is it vital pool equipment for your above-ground swimming pools?

Well, indeed, your above-ground pool works fine even without a deck. However, adding a pool deck now will be beneficial in the long run.

It increases safety, improves the experience, and the finished look is undeniably beautiful.

Increases Safety

Above-ground pools without decking are often exposed. You only have the pool structure without anything surrounding it. You’re at risk of slipping and falling on rough terrain.

A pool deck helps you safely navigate the pool area, especially for children, elders, and pets. You don’t have to worry about accidents within the pool perimeter while having fun!

Improves Experience

Speaking of having fun, having pool decks elevates the overall experience.

You have easy access to the pool and additional space for your swimming pool equipment, personal belongings, or food. The backyard parties will be much better, no doubt.

Beautifies the Pool Space of the House

Last but not least, the ultimate goal of pool decks is to beautify the area. Without a deck, your pool will look like a giant tub of water in the middle of your house yard or patio.

An above-ground pool deck makes the pool pop, pleasing to the eyes, and makes the area look more put together. You can consider a deck as home decor. But beyond that, it’s also a practical decision.

Types of Above-Ground Pool Decks

There are different types of pool decks. What you choose for yours will depend on your patio and backyard situations, budget, and preferred design.

  • Full-Surround Pool Deck
  • Side Pool Deck

Full-Surround Pool Deck

A full-surround above-ground pool deck encloses the whole pool. Most people go for this option if the pool is in the middle of the yard with nothing else surrounding it.

Since it’s full-surround, expect it to be more expensive since there are more materials and a larger surface area. You may opt to connect the deck to your front door.

Pros and Cons – Full-Surround Pool Deck

  • More accessible and safer; entering and exiting the pool can be done on all sides.
  • It gives your backyard pool a complete look.
  • More space for other items (equipment, seating area, cookware, etc.)
  • Expensive.
  • It takes time to build.

Side Pool Deck

If you don’t want or need to go all-in, you can opt for side decking. You choose this if your pool is beside a patio, if one side is beside a solid item, or if building a full deck isn’t plausible.

You may think that a one-sided deck is insufficient, but it’s more than enough for smaller homes.

Pros and Cons – Side Pool Deck

  • More cost-effective than a full-sided pool deck.
  • It’s aesthetically pleasing.
  • It can be built in a shorter period.
  • Less access (entrance and exit only on one side); can be dangerous for young kids.

Most Common Decking Materials for Above-Ground Pool Decks

There are a lot of available materials for above-ground pool decking. Again, it will depend on your budget, preference, and personal conditions. Let’s go through the most common ones.

  • Wood Deck
  • Aluminum Deck
  • Composite Decking
  • PVC or Plastic Deck

Wooden Deck Design for Above-Ground Pool

Go for real wood decking if you’re looking for durable decks that can handle all the jumping and running around.

It’s the most common type of decking since it’s more affordable, especially if you’re doing a full-surround pool deck.

Pros and Cons – Wooden Deck Design

  • More affordable.
  • Durable and anti-slip.
  • Gives the natural beauty of old, rustic wood.
  • Real wood is prone to natural deterioration and rotting, especially when exposed to water.
  • Needs more hands-on care and maintenance.

Aluminum Pool Deck for Above-Ground Pool

If you don’t have the time to maintain wood decks and don’t need that rustic look, aluminum might be better. It’s simple, serves its purpose, and doesn’t deteriorate quickly like wood.

Pros and Cons – Aluminum Pool Deck

  • It doesn’t rot or form molds.
  • It’s cheaper.
  • It’s low maintenance.
  • Aluminum is lightweight. If you expect heavier loads on it, go for another material (but it is still durable).

Composite Wood Deck or IPA Wood Deck for Above-Ground Pool

Oh, you want the wooden deck look but not the critical care? Go for composite decking.

It’s a mix of wood materials and plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the rotting.

Pros and Cons – Composite Wood Deck or IPA Wood Deck

  • IIt gives a wooden look with less responsibility that comes with real wood.
  • The plastic makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • The wood parts contribute to the strength of the deck.
  • There are still wood parts to maintain.

Plastic or PVC Decking for Above-Ground Pool

Lastly, opt for plastic if you genuinely don’t want to deal with any wood but only its style. You can make this material look wooden without any of its attributes; in easier words, fake wood.

Pros and Cons – Plastic or PVC Decking

  • Durable and robust, it can last long.
  • No more hassle maintenance.
  • More expensive.
  • It may not be the best if exposed to intense sunlight.

Top 15 Pool Deck Design Ideas for Above-Ground Pools

Now that we’ve had a crash course on what makes a pool deck, it’s time for some pool deck ideas. We’ve compiled 15 of the best ideas you can replicate or get inspiration from.

Simple Raised Deck for Above Ground Pools

Some of us don’t need a fancy deck for our pool areas. All you need is a simple elevation to your above-ground or inground pool without much design for access.

It doesn’t even have to be a solid deck, just a sturdy platform for walking and running.


Corner Pool with 4-Tier Pool Deck Stairs for Above-Ground Pool

If your pool is located in a corner, a side deck is one of the only options. You may want to add some stairs or steps to make climbing up and down easier.


Terraced Deck for Above Ground Pool

For those who enjoy lounging around the pool area for sunbathing, eating, or relaxing, a terrace space can provide an excellent place to do all that. You can place chairs and tables.

For this purpose, you may opt for plastic or composite decking for a sturdier quality without risking the natural rotting that the wooden deck is prone to.


Ground-Level Deck for an Oval Above-Ground Pool

Some pools have creative shapes, and there’s so much you can do with an oval above-ground pool. Contrary to what everybody does, you don’t need to cover the swimming pool entirely.

You can expose the above-ground pool in its unique oval shape with a ground-level deck.


Fenced Decking for Above Ground Pool

There’s nothing more enjoyable than going for a solo swim, and you have all the privacy you need. Building fences to your deck is an excellent idea if you have an exposed backyard space. Your above-ground pool deck plus a high fence is a sufficient border!


Stone Wall Pool Deck for Above-Ground Pool

There is something about a stone-walled swimming pool that looks luxurious and high-end. They’re also highly durable and will last you for more than a decade.

Enjoy getting that pool wall wet no matter what, and it won’t break down on you. The only thing is that it can be pretty expensive.


Bridge Composite Deck for Above Ground Pool

One of the more innovative ground pool designs is connecting your pool to the house through a bridge deck. If you have the budget and it seems to be a reasonable option, do it!

Building an additional walkway makes things more convenient without hurting your house plants and lawns. Plus, it looks great for your backyard.


Small Deck for Above-Ground Pools and Round Pool

A small pool deck is more than enough if you don’t want to take too much space. You’re good to go as long as it’s sufficient to surround your above-ground pool.

You can add stairs for easier access to the pool.


Patio-Connected Pool Deck for Above-Ground Pool

Another of the best pool deck ideas is building a deck that connects to your patio. Create a real resort vibe for your above-ground pool area by doing this!


Lighted Pool Deck and Pool Walls for Above-Ground Pool

Who here enjoys night swimming? We do! Create a good experience by adding lights. It’s not only a ground pool design for looks; it’s also practical.

Imagine swimming in a dark space! It’s scary and unsafe.


Resin Pool Deck for Above-Ground Pool

Let’s first define resin. It’s made of a UV-protected material, perfect for your swimming pool area during the hot summer season.

The resin above-ground pool deck usually comes with steps and ladders.

It’s simple to maintain, but it’s not as sturdy as the other pool deck materials.


Upper Deck with Seating Area for Above-Ground Pool

Elevate the experience by adding an upper above-ground pool deck. Think of it as an extra “floor” for more space. You can add seating areas to accommodate guests and host parties.


Above-Ground Pool Deck With Automatic Cover

One thing that people overlook is how easily debris falls into pools. It only takes a while to accumulate these unwanted particles.

Covers are always good ideas; why not incorporate them into your pool deck?


Pool Deck for Semi-Inground Pool and Half-Submerged Pool

Pools that are semi-inground or half-submerged are tricky to build a deck around. Most semi-pools benefit from a half-up-ground pool deck.


Infinity-Style Above Ground Pool

Go up a notch and make your above-ground pool fancy! You may need to splurge for the infinity pool effect, but it will be worth it.


Ways to Maintain Your Above-Ground Pool Decks

An above-ground swimming pool deck is mainly to improve the overall look of your pool area. But actualizing your ideas and installing a deck isn’t enough if you fail to take care of it.

Keep Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool Clean

People are always excited when they install the new swimming pool, religiously cleaning and taking care of it during the first few months.

After a while, it gets tiring. We understand. You don’t always have the time to clean it, and not everyone can afford specialized help for their pools.

But trust us; it’s worth it. You don’t have to clean it every day, and a regular schedule will do. Your above-ground pool is elevated and more prone to debris.

You can also get an above-ground pool deck with a cover like one of our ideas above!

Know Your Above-Ground Pool Deck Materials and Maintain Them Well

Different materials require varying ways of care. For instance, you’ll need to be more hands-on and meticulous with a wooden above-ground pool deck and pay closer attention.

Some materials don’t require much care, only the occasional cleaning. It helps to research these pool deck ideas before going all in.

Collect Pool Deck Ideas and Get Inspired

If you’re determined to beautify your decks, keep an eye on those new trends and ideas. There are so many suggestions online!

This isn’t to say that you must waste money and update your decks now and then. But there are many little ways to brighten up your pools, such as ornaments, lighting, etc.

The Cost of Above-Ground Pool Decking

Here’s the million-dollar question!

Wait, don’t panic; you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to achieve a beautiful deck.

The measurement is typically per square foot. Depending on the brand and contractor, it can range from $15-$30 per square foot.

Full-Sized Decks

A good gauge for the expenses will be $3,000 to $10,000 if you have a full-sized deck professionally installed.

If you think about it, it’s more cost-efficient than the cheaper DIY ones since they’ll last for about ten (10) years.

But we’re not discouraging DIY decks! In fact, it has proven to be helpful for those who have smaller pool areas and just need a functional deck.

Half-Sized Decks

Half-sized decks cost significantly less. Well, it’s technically half the price of a full one. A one-sided deck can cost around $500-$5,000, depending on your materials and supplier.

20×20 Decks

If we follow the square foot measurement, 20×20 decks can cost around $6,000-$8,000.

Overall, Work Together With Your Suppliers

We can only give you estimates for the overall cost now. It’s crucial to work closely with your suppliers and contractors since they know the best price ranges.

Note that there may be additional charges on top of the materials, such as professional and installation fees.

Above-Ground Pool Decks Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s dive into some FAQs, shall we?

What is a Good Size Deck for an Above-Ground Pool?

Your deck must fit your pool and backyard size. You obviously can’t hold an obnoxiously large terrace in a small patio! It should at least equal the square footage of your above-ground pool. If you want to add a terrace, you can go for more. But ensure that it’s suitable and fitting for the space you have.

What Is the Lifespan of an Above-Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool can last around a decade (10 years). Of course, it will vary depending on how you maintain and take care of your pool deck.

Before building a deck, learn about the materials and the proper way to care for them—research how to take care of wood, plastic, and composite deck.

What Decking Do You Need if You Have a Semi-buried Pool or an Inground Pool?

If you have a patio or backyard with uneven ground, your pools are most likely semi-buried. This means that half is above-ground, half inground pool.

Don’t worry; that doesn’t interfere with your pool experience. You’ll only have an uneven pool floor, that’s all. But how should you go about decking?

You can go for both full-surround and side-decks. You can either create an upper deck or an additional elevation to deal with the unevenness. It’s always on a case-to-case basis.


Were we able to help you find ideas for your decks?

We hope you enjoy the process of decorating and building your pool area – it’s one of the spaces in your home that’ll make some of the best memories in your household!

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