How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool [11 Easy Steps to Follow]

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Frog on stone near pond

Are you tired of finding dead frogs on your pool deck every morning? What about when a frog lays eggs, and you find tadpoles in your skimmer box?

Frogs are a helpful, harmless bunch, but they can be the source of your biggest headache as a pool owner. So, how do you keep yourself and those frogs happy?

We’ve compiled a list of 11 surefire ways to solve your problem!

11 Easy Ways to Keep Frogs Out of Your Swimming Pool

Let’s get started!

1) Install a Pool Fence

Some pool owners start by constructing a solid fence while constructing their pool to deter frogs and toads.

If you have enough time, resources, and space around the pool, you might consider this option even if your pool is already fully constructed.

Install one with no openings or specifically designed to stop frogs from entering the pool.

It’s one of the best methods to keep your pool frog free for the long term as it won’t keep frogs out but also other small animals and amphibious creatures.

Popular Pool Fence

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2) Use Appropriate Covers to Cover Your Swimming Pool

One of the easy ways to prevent frogs in your pool is by hiding them using a pool cover.

No pool water being mistaken for a pond, no frogs and toads!

Not only that, but a pool cover will also help maintain a clean pool by preventing bugs, fallen leaves, and other debris from getting in your pool.

A pool cover can also be a safety cover if you have kids or sleepwalking family members.

You can sleep peacefully at night, knowing they won’t accidentally fall into the pool.

Pool safety covers come in mesh safety covers, solid vinyl covers, and sometimes even in a solar pool cover!

3) Turn off the Lights Near Your Pool

Frogs aren’t attracted to your pool lights, but bugs are. Bugs make their way into the night with the help of the moonlight.

These bugs mistake your artificial pool lights for the moon and are attracted to the pool’s stagnant water.

Now when the bugs hang out around the pool, this will, in turn, attract frogs. It reinforces the idea in their froggy brains that your pool is a safe, happy pond to hang out at.

So turn off those lights at night when you’re not using them. You don’t attract fewer bugs; you get to save on your electric bills too!

4) Use Any Physical Barrier

You could also make your barrier to keep your pool safe. Get some wooden boards at least two inches high, and install the solid wood around your backyard pool.

Ensure the physical barrier is strong enough to endure the frogs from making it fall from their place. Setting a barrier that is weak will render it useless against the frogs.

5) Mow Your Nearby Lawn

Frogs don’t just love your pool water; they also like hanging out on your lawn because they like the tall grass.

Night frogs also love your lawn if they can catch and eat insects and have lots of places to hide in, like leaf piles, rocks, and stacked wood.

If you mow your lawn regularly and eliminate debris, it will help discourage frogs from staying there.

6) Repel Frogs With a Frog Repellent

You can make this yourself!

Get a spray bottle, fill it halfway with vinegar and the remaining half with water, then spray the solution all over the pool edge.

Vinegar won’t harm the frogs, but it causes a burning sensation on the frog’s skin when they come in contact with it, so their first instinct is to leave the pool area immediately.

If you don’t like the smell of vinegar to keep frogs away, you can also use citric acid like lemon juice, bleach, or saltwater.

The solution will create a chemical barrier and keep your pool frog free.

If you decide to use bleach, keep other curious house pets like cats and dogs away, as bleach is toxic to them and can burn their paws and skin.

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7) Install a Frog Log

We want to keep frogs and toads out of the pool water because they can not get out, and you might end up with a dead frog.

So a good band-aid solution is to give them an exit ramp. You can buy frog logs cheaply and easily install them along your pool’s edge.

You could also install a little floating pad and attach it to a ramp so the frogs can easily leave.

8) Spread Coffee Grounds Around the Pool

Please don’t throw away those used coffee grounds after getting your caffeine fix. Use them for keeping frogs away!

Like the frog repellent spray, spread the coffee grounds generously around your pool.

Frogs hate the feeling of acid in the coffee as it irritates their skin.

We discourage this method of keeping frogs away if you have dogs and cats at home. Ingesting coffee can be deadly to them, and you won’t be able to get every single one of those grounds when cleaning up.

9) Practice Pool Maintenance

Neglecting pool care will breed bacteria and algae, encouraging frogs to hang out more often in your pool.

It will also signal to them that it is a healthy spot to lay frog eggs.

So keep your pool uninviting by cleaning it more often or installing automatic pool cleaners! Although do not overclean it because there could be chemicals that is bad for human intake.

10) Install a Fountain to Keep the Water Moving

What attracts frogs most to your pool is the standing water that resembles a pond. Calm waters also tell frogs that it is safe to lay eggs in.

So one way to keep frogs away (and to discourage them from laying eggs) is to use a pool fountain so that the water is never calm.

Alternatively, you can also keep the pool pump running.

11) Maintain a Warm Pool

Did you know that cold water has more oxygen than warm water?

Frogs love the heavily oxygenated water of cold ponds because they absorb oxygen through their skin, making them feel good.

So one easy way to keep frogs and their frog eggs away is to ensure your pool is always warm and toasty.

You can do this by installing some solar rings or using a pool heater.

Why Do Frogs Keep Getting in My Pool?

Frogs keep getting in your pool because they think it’s a pond. They have no idea that your pool designed for swimming humans is not the same as their welcoming pond.

They like it because they feel safe in it, plus there are bugs around the pool to eat, and they love hanging out in the water.

The cold water is also where they can lay their eggs.

Why Should You Be Careful With Frogs in Your Pool?

You have to be careful with frogs because they carry bacteria that may be harmful.

And if they cannot leave the pool, they end up dying of exhaustion, creating more harmful bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions about frog control? We’ve got you!

Will Chlorine Kill Frogs?

Yes. Swimming in chlorine-treated water for a long time will tire them to death and kill them quickly because it can be toxic to them.

Can’t I Kill the Frogs?

No! Depending on the place you are based, local laws may protect those frogs, or they may be an endangered species. Also, killing them won’t solve your problem since more and more frogs will keep coming over. Killing frogs is not a good long-term solution, because they can prove to be useful for other purposes like lessening the house flies around your house and more!

Should I Still Keep the Frogs on My Property?

Yes! Frogs may be a nuisance in your pool, but they are very useful for your garden because they eat bugs and keep pests away. You can keep them in your garden by building an actual pond as an alternative habitat where they can hang out and thrive.

What Do I Do With Dead Frogs in My Pool?

If people are swimming, calmly request them to leave the water. Then get some gloves (that you can throw away afterward) to protect your skin from getting in contact with the decaying frog.

Now get a disposable bucket or net to scoop the frog out of the water and dispose of the frog.

After that, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect your pool water before letting anyone swim again.


That’s all we have for frogs and how the both of you can coexist peacefully!

While there is always the option to kill the frogs so they will not disturb you any longer, they are a rare species and killing them is only a short-term solution that will bite you back.

Besides, swimming in a pool where it is protected with all kinds of solutions to keep frogs away is MUCH BETTER than having to resort to killing the animals.

We hope this article has been of help to you and that you’re on your way to frog-free swimming!

By Christine Newton

Hi, I’m Christine. I’m a swimmer and the Lead Editor of YourPool. I’ve been working with content for as long as I can remember, and I really enjoy finding inspiration for our readers. Right now, I’m living in a small pool (literally), but my dream is to have a complete oasis one day. Stay tuned—I’ll make it happen!

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