Covering Your Pool: The Best Covers for Your Inground Pool

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Pool cover for winter protection

During the hot summers when the heat is scorching and you just want to take a dip into the cool water, an inground pool is indeed one of the best things to have.

But, in order to maintain the quality and the cleanliness of our pool and pool water, we do need the right materials for it.

To save you the time and trouble of looking for one, we wrote this article to help you choose your cover for your inground pool. Let’s dive right in!

Top 5 Covers for Your In-Ground Pool

In this section, we will enumerate the best inground pool cover that we found for your swimming pool.

We will also tell you why we chose them, including their unique features. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Best Overall: Happybuy Pool Safety Cover

Our Overall Thoughts

Have you ever seen a solid cover made of highly durable and strong materials? This winter pool cover is the best type of pool cover out there.

Made of polypropylene, this safety cover from Happybuy truly offers robust performance. It has a high temperature and abrasion resistance that will protect your pool for multiple years.

Out of all the winter pool covers, only this safety cover from HappyBuy has all the hardware included in the package. Let us tell you more.

It comes with brass anchors, stainless-steel springs, and installation tools that will make your setup a thousand times easier. You would not have a hard time searching for the right tools!

One of the best things about this swimming pool safety cover is its tensile toughness. It reduces the rate of water evaporation and maintains the pool temperature during winter.

Aside from these outstanding features, we need to keep our pets and children away from our pools during the winter months, right? This pool cover will prevent accidental drowning.

Out of all the mesh covers for your swimming pool, this one will let water pass through easily and will not allow sunlight to seep in, which means it also helps prevent algae growth.

Who Needs This Cover?

If you are living in a place where winter can get really harsh, this pool cover offers many benefits for you and your family.

Although this safety cover might get a little expensive, its unique features and the included pool supplies are sure to work correctly and effectively.

Best Value: Blue Wave Inground Pool Cover

Our Overall Thoughts

The material for pool covers is one of the most important factors for an inground pool, especially if it has a deep end. Believe us, it makes all the difference.

When it comes to top-of-the-line material for a pool cover, regardless of pool size, polyethylene is the most preferred, because of its combination of tensile strength and lightweight.

Have we mentioned that it is also resistant to mold and other corrosive materials? Indeed, one of the best of our qualified products boasts a polyethylene material.

Like other mesh covers, it has a high-scrim panel design that allows water through but prevents dirt and debris from getting to the swimming pool.

One of the best things about these inground pool safety covers is has reinforced wear strips on the underside of the cover, which prevents abrasion and fraying.

It also includes brass anchors, stainless-steel springs, buckles, installation tools, and a storage bag for maintenance and to keep the pool cover safe and durable.

And to top it all off, the cover size is actually 2-ft wider and 2-ft longer than the advertised pool size. This makes it better for enhanced flexibility and wider coverage for your pool water.

Who Needs This Cover?

People who want to reduce maintenance on their in-ground pools definitely need to have this cover.

Having this pool cover from Blue Wave makes all the difference because of its many benefits and the included pool supplies to ensure protection.

Best Budget-Pick: Pool Mate Winter Pool Cover

Our Overall Thoughts

If the high-end pool covers utilize polyethylene as its main material, an affordable pool cover also uses the same for more than half the price. Isn’t that super cool?

This winter cover has basically all the same features the right cover has, but it will also help you in saving money.

With its polyethylene construction, this pool cover from Blue Mate has all seams heat-sealed for better performance.

Have we mentioned that it includes a five-feet of extra material beyond cover size? This pool cover will surely cover the whole pool shape and size.

However, a possible downside is that it cannot secure that it can carry the weight of your pet in case of accidental drowning.

The cover also floats loosely on the water, so you will not have the other pool supplies that other pool safety covers have.

Who Needs This Cover?

If you want to look for an affordable pool cover that will protect your pool water from debris and other materials, this pool cover will perform just fine.

However, we do not recommend it for those who live in places where the winter months can get pretty harsh.

WaterWarden In-Ground Pool Cover

Our Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for covers for fiberglass pools, then this one is for you. Popular searches for fiberglass pools show that they need flexibility above all, so that is what we’ll prioritize.

With a fabric material, you will not need to have a problem adjusting it to fit your pool shape. Not only that but, it has the highest quality standard according to ASTM.

Have we mentioned that it has a triple-stitched 2-ply strapping for maximum strength? This pool cover from WaterWarden will be eliminating half or more of your worries!

Offering superior protection, the break-strength of this pool cover is 4,000 lbs, which means that taking care of your family, especially children will be easier now.

It also promises to reduce evaporation and filter out organic and non-organic debris alike, so you can be sure that nothing will ever get inside your pool and contaminate it.

Unlike other covers, however, this one only allows for up to 1-foot overlap on all sides, so when purchasing a cover for a fiberglass pool, we recommend being generous about the size.

Who Needs This Cover?

For people who are looking for a cover for their fiberglass pools, this one is for you.

It has high tensile strength and flexibility, which are needed for these kinds of pools.

Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Cover

Our Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for an affordable pool cover with a lot of overlap, this one will answer your needs. With this much coverage, ripping and stretching will not be a problem.

Made of polyethylene, you would be sure that this is a durable pool cover that will keep your pool from exposure to the sun, snow, ice, and wind.

As you can see, it has integral cover loops to secure water tubes. This can work when there is melted snow that needs to be drained from the inside edge.

This will save you more than half the time needed for cleaning when the rainy season and when all the snow has melted.

Who Needs This Cover?

People who want a durable cover that provides for good drainage will benefit from this cover.

Not to mention that it is also affordable, so even if you have a strict budget, you will not have to break your bank for a quality cover for your pool.

Buyer’s Guide for Your Inground Pool

Of course, different pools require different pool covers. Our goal in this section is to help you pick out the best pool cover for your pool.

We recommend that you consider the following factors first before purchasing a pool cover.

Pool Cover Types

There are three types of inground pool covers, which are winter, security or safety, and automatic pool cover.

Other specialty covers such as solar covers and winter covers are season-based. There is also a custom cover which are for rolling decks.

These pool covers have the same goal for your pools, which is to protect them from debris, reduce evaporation, prevent algae growth, and reduce maintenance.

During the off season, pool covers are needed for your inground pool for the reasons we stated above, and to keep the pool water clean and safe to use for the next season of swimming.

Safety covers are for those who want to protect their child or pet from accidental drowning, especially when there are no adults to supervise.

An automatic pool cover is typically much more expensive as it is installed when the pool is built. In a way, it also acts as built-in safety covers.

Installing the right pool cover type according to your purpose will ensure that your pool is protected by the right material, whether it is season-based or not.

Pool Cover Materials

The material making up your pool covers will determine if it will be able to do its purpose.

For inground pools, there are two main types of material for your pool covers, namely solid vinyl and mesh. Let’s discuss the two in detail.

Solid Vinyl Covers

First, the solid vinyl cover is usually the material used for weather-related issues, especially during the winter. They keep everything out of your pool, such as leaves, dirt, and rainwater.

What we love about solid vinyl covers is they prevent everything that can fall into your in-ground pool. This means that you won’t have to do more cleaning when it’s time to swim.

However, you will also need to consider the weight of the solid vinyl cover. A custom pool shape will require a bigger size, so you will also need people who will carry and install the cover.

Mesh Cover

The other type of cover material is the mesh cover. It is a lightweight counterpart of the vinyl, but it does not prevent rainwater and water from entering the pool.

A mesh for your in-ground pool cover is easier to install and remove during different seasons, but it will let small particles through so it might require more cleaning on your end.

Weather-Related Issues

If in your place, you have really warm summers and really harsh winters, then you also need to consider weather-determined problems that will arise.

Having just the right pool cover is not enough if the strong rays of the sun or the harsh cold of winter will also damage your pool, right?

More than considering pool cover types, a normal pool cover will wear down during the summer months. Sun damage can also wear down your pool supplies.

This is a bit tricky to handle, but the solution is to find qualified products for the specific weather-determined problem in your area.

For instance, solar covers are much appreciated if your area suffers from harsh rays of the sun, and winter covers are much preferred if your area freezes over during the cold months.

Having specialty covers with the appropriate pool cover type will help you in eliminating half of your cleaning and maintenance work.

Believe us, it will make all the difference.


With the huge selection of pools, you might think that you are getting overwhelmed in choosing the same things.

Choosing just the right pool will also involve the price point, and there are pools that offer the absolute lowest prices.

However, you also need to check the durability of these materials, especially if you live in a place where there is a weather-related issue.

Of course, there are more affordable pools with the same features to those of high-end ones. The best way to do this is to read reviews of users, especially those with similar pool type.

Check if the covers work correctly in different types of pools and climates. For instance, when you check the cost, also check if they really reduce the evaporation rate.

The suitable pool supplies are also part of the package of a high-end pool cover, so it may be a bit tricky if you are going to install a pool without the appropriate pool supplies.

When it comes to pool covers, the cost is as important as quality, as this might mean both the safety of your pets and children and the cleanliness of your pool.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Pool Cover

As much as we take care of our pools, we also need to give special care to our covers, which is what helps us take care of our pools.

In this section, we will give you some tips on how to ensure longevity with your pool covers.

Clean Frequently

If you see some leaves and debris piling up on top of the cover, please don’t wait for the season to end before cleaning it.

The sooner you clear them, the more you will thank yourself as you don’t abuse the strength of your cover.

Store It Properly

When you are not using it, we recommend that you keep them in a dry and clean area or place them inside a storage bag.

This will ensure that your covers will not be worn down by different seasons.

Some Last Words

We hope you learned a thing or two from this article.

Remember, when choosing the best cover for your pool, there are a lot of popular searches that seem to offer the same things.

But, we recommend that you still consider the factors that we mentioned above. After all, there’s no one size that will fit each pool.

Good luck!

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